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Do you know the three things to do before writing?


There is something I will like you to, in which others don’t know.

Do you know what is that?

Is learning how to center yourself before writing.

And that is the most important skills people never learn.

Another one is this;

Learning how to collect your thoughts and look for a way to assemble them in your writing.

Here is another one I will like you to know about.

You see;

There are some days or time where by ideas and plans to.

This ideas and plan can sometimes be good and productive.

Though they might be distracting and troublesome.

But something about this ideas and plans is that;

They do come without much other or purpose.

So the question is; How can you clear your mind in other to help you with coping with anxiety before writing.

As you are reading this article, you will learn about the following below:

  1. Learn how to center yourself before writing
  2. How to clear your thoughts before writing a blog post
  3. See how to clear your mind in getting your ideas into writing

Learn How To Center Yourself Before Writing

As I earlier said;


Learning to center yourself is an important skills most people never learn.

The links below will help or guide you to learn some skills on how to center yourself.

How To Clear Your Thought Before Writing A Blog Post

Something about human thoughts is that;

It make you to become more excited.

You will feel you know what to write and your readers will love it.

But what will if you can put your thoughts into words or writing?

That means you thoughts are gone.

The links below will guide you on how to clear your thoughts before writing a blog post.

How To Clear Your Mind In Getting Your Ideas Into Writing

As I said earlier;

Some ideas and plans can come your thoughts.

Though this thoughts can be troublesome and distractive.

Apart from that;

They come without much other and purpose, but can be good and productive.

So it is a matter of knowing how to clear mind.

The links below can help you clear your mind on how to cope with anxiety.


This is how you come to the conclusion of this article.

I can help you by sending to you some resources that can help you improve on your content writing style each week.

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3 Things To Do Before Writing

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