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5 ideas to help improve your blog career

Do you have any ideas for improving your blog career?

Though you might have some ideas that you have read either from the following below:

  • Blog post
  • Video
  • Others

Reading articles about ways to improve your blog career from those bulletin I mentioned above, can make you feel confident.

Do you know what that confident is?

“You are competent and equip enough to improve your blog career.”

Is that enough to help you improve your blog career?

But what if you realise that it doesn’t help?


There is more to that.

This is the reason why I want you to read this article.

Now the real question is;

There are other article similar to the one you are reading, that might be of interest to you.

We respect your privacy.


Let’s discuss on that.

5. Adjust Your Communication

Learning to communicate with your readers, can help to keep your readers coming back to your blog.

Not only that;

It will make your readers to do something that you want them to do.

Something about adjusting or improving on your communication is that;

There is difference when you communicate verbally and when you communicate in written words.

Am sure you know what I mean?

Communicating verbally can help you convince your audience to understand what you want.

The reason is that;

It involves:

  • Gesture
  • Body language
  • Facial expression
  • Eye contact
  • Voice tone

What about non verbal or written words communication?

Can you communicate with your readers without using those bulletins I mentioned above when writing?

That is the question that marvel most people.

But there is a solution;

Your “writing style”.

Haven’t you wonder how some people do take the most boring information or article and make it interesting to read.

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Haven’t you?

Not only making it interesting, but funny and sometimes you laughed about it.

That is because of the way they develop their writing style.

So try spend some time to develop and practice your writing style.

Do you know why?

It will help you to communicate your ideas to your readers.


Have it in mind that, this take time.

With constant practice or the more you keep writing, it will develop.

You can read this article How To Communicate Effectively With Your Blog Readers To Keep Them Reading written by Julie Neidllnger.

4. Work On Your Portfolio

blog career portfolio

Look at the screenshot below;

blog career portfolio definition

That is the definition from Google search.

Working or improving on your portfolio is essential.

Do you know why am saying this?

Because it involves having or creating your skills based on foundation.

In other to improve, monitor or track your talent or skills, you will need a portfolio.

Just like the screenshot I screenshot from Abby Slutsky blog below;

blog career portfolio benefit

Portfolio help you to reflect on skills or talent.

Something about that paragraph I screenshot is that;

If you are able to keep track and monitor your best work on how they are expanding, that means;

You will be to evaluate how to improve on your skills or talent.

So with portfolio, you are able to proof or show that you have the skills and talents to improve on your blog career.

3. Start Building Your Brand

Building your brand is very important.

blog career brand building

Look of this definition of brand;

“Your brand is how people perceive you wherever they interact with your business – both the impressions you can control and the ones you can’t.”… Braveen Kumar from Shopify Blogs

If that is how Braveen Kumar view brand building;

That means;

Brand building is essential.

When you are starting to build your brand, you will be able to define the character of your brand.

The character of your brand will help you to connect with people based on your brand.

It will differentiate you from others.

Another thing about brand building is;

You will be able to look for opportunities in other to know your audience.

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Let me explain what I mean.

People out there are struggling or frustrated.

blog career frustrated person

Due to;

They can’t archive what they are struggling for and that’s why they are frustrated.

Get to know them.

Not only that;

Think about how you can help them.

With that you will have an audience that will listen to you.

Then you need to build your brand based on their problems.

If you are wondering how to get to know your audience, you can read this article below;

You can also read “How to start your own brand from scratch in 7 step” written by Braveen Kumar.

So building your brand can help you to improve on your blog career.

2. Go Deep On Data Analytics

Do you know that using data analytics can really affect your blog career?

Well, the answer is, “it really has effect on blog career.

Using data’s can benefit and help you in your blog career.

With the information you get from data analytics, you can be able to make decisions and strategic plan in your business.

There is something I will like you to know, which is;

Right now, everyone is crazy about big data and data analytics.

Am sure you want to know why!

Everyday, there is always startups or new business.

Not only that;

The ones that has been created will always want to overcome or surpass their competitors

So that is why everyone want to master the use of data to take their business to the next level.

Look at one of the response I found from Quora based on big data and date analytics;

To be honest, you will be amazed by the way big data and data analytics is been used.

1. Improve Your Reputation

Now that you have your brand, what is the thing that you should consider?

Your “reputation”.

Building or improving your reputation is the next thing to consider.

Look at it this way;

Why do people want to improve their reputation?

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Why is online reputation necessary?

Improving your reputation can help you to improve on your blog career.


Nobody will like to trust a brand or business with a bad or that doesn’t have a good reputation.

If you reason with me, you see that am right.

Apart from that;

As you are improving your reputation, you will discover something like;

Negative comments.

What I mean is that;

Having a good reputation can eliminate all negative comments about you, your business or your brand.

What about the effect of reputation to your products and services?

A good reputation attract more customers to your products and services.


When customers give positive reviews to your products and services, it will attract customers.

And when people see the positive reviews by others who have use your products and services, what do you think they will say?

They will say “your products and services is trust worthy and reliable”.

That means there will be increase in conversation rate and profitability.

You can read more about benefit of online reputation from:


Improving your reputation can help you improve on your blog career.


So this is how you’ve come to the conclusion of this article.

From this article;

You have come to realize that;

The foundation of improving your blog career is based on this 5 Ideas;

  • Adjust your communication
  • Work on your portfolio
  • Start building your brand
  • Go deep on data analytics
  • Improve your reputation

So what I want you to do is;

Do your best to see how you can use those 5 bulletins above to improve your blog career.

How Will Your Respond

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5 Ideas To Help Improve Your Blog Career

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