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Have you consider using infographics online maker for content marketing or in your blog while writing your content?

If you haven’t use Infographics online maker before in your content or content marketing, then you are missing a lot.

Using infographics in your content has a lot to do for content marketing.

These is a reason why am bringing up these 8 Infographics online maker list to you.

In these article, you are going to learn what is Infographics is all about, expert views, the benefit and some of the online maker tools that will help you to create an infographics.

People are talking a lot about this word infographics in content.

With the help of statistic and analysis, bloggers has come to realise that, Infographics has a lot to do with readers or customers behaviour.

Base on social shares, visual content has a lot to do with like, shares, comments and follow than text content.

Since statistic and analysis has proven Infographics to be true and you want to use it in your content, these is what you should be considering:

  • What is Infographics all about?
  • What are the Infographics online maker tools?

What Is Infographics All About?

Infographics is all about data visualization that present complex information quickly and clearly.

Think of presenting an information after gathering your findings, research or data, and putting it down in a visual way on a paper, that is call infographics.

What am trying to say is that, if you turn or convert your information into symbols, sign, graphs (bar, area, pie chart) clip-art (picture) put it on a paper or document and present it to audience, that means you are presenting a visual content.

In other words, you are presenting an infographic content.

From what I just explain to you right now, infographic content is just like that.

Margaret Rouse define infographic information as a representation of information in a graphic format design to make the data easily understandable at a glance.

According to her, people use Infographics to quickly communicate a message, and simplify large amount of data.

It’s like me giving you a roadmap to where am living.

The roadmap is easily understandable that giving information in details.

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Why is that, the roadmap simplify the information in a visual (pictorial) form for you to understand quickly.

Sarah Gretter also shows that, infographic are prominently use in the news, marketing, political campaign and health communication.

She also give her own definition, “Infographics present information visually and succinctly.

She also explain some benefit of her using Infographics in her classroom and some question she do ask student in other to help them reflect on specific Infographics.

Ryan Mccready also present 9 Infographics template in which he sort out from Venngage Library which are:

  1. Statistical
  2. Informational
  3. Timeline
  4. Process
  5. Geographic
  6. Comparison
  7. Hierarchical
  8. Resume
  9. Chart-centric
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The reason he present this template is because of due to different infographic design out there that can be a little overwhelming.

Benefit Of Using Infographics

When it come to infographics and it’s benefit, there are lot of benefit when using Infographics in your content or content marketing.

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From statistic, visual content get 94% total views.

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Looking at Albert Costill article 6 benefit of using infographics, discuss and out list the benefit of using infographics.

From his article, infographics:

  • Are eye catching
  • Get more share
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve SEO
  • Help you connect with your audience

infographics online maker information

infographics online maker recall info

Due to information overload, infographics help us to easily recall information.

Another benefit of using Infographics is the one written by Christopher Pappas, found at eLearning Industry.

infographics online maker text content

Comparing infographics content with text content, there is a lot difference between this two.infographics online maker content value

Infographics content has more value than content without Infographics in terms of visual content.

You see, Infographics has lot of benefit.

But where do you think you can look at for creating infographic content.

Infographics Online Maker Tools


infographics online maker 9

Canva are easy drag and drop Infographics creator.

You don’t have to be a technical know how or a skill creator in other to use to create beautiful Infographics.

You can also have some benefit when using canva to create Infographics, which are:

  • It allow you to create an account and get your own Infographics design
  • You can choose from their professional Infographics template from their library
  • While creating infographics, you can their stick images or upload your images
  • Will able to fix’s images, add stunning filter and edit texts

Canva library is packed with hundred of element in which you can use it create professional Infographics for marketing your material.

Some of these element are free while some premium element with a budget of 1$.

In terms of unique layout, it allow you to create a unique layout by duplicating design or your own design and repurposed it as you can.


infographics online maker 10

They believe that tradition text resume is long overdue for a makeover.

They want to help people to express their professional accomplishment in a simple compelling personal visualization.

These is the reason they decided to create an online resume format that is beautiful, relevant and fun.

You can create Infographics resume in one click and which is free.


infographics online maker 11

With, you can create and share ideas to over 4 million people.

They have a mission, their mission is to inspire and enable everyone to represent their ideas in a visual way.

Easelly make you to know that, those ideas you use in book length, word document, power point deck that have thousands slide and bullent point, with, you can turn those ideas into infograph that is fun and easily to create and engaging to read.

What are the benefit of using help you:

  • To express your ideas with the world simplest design tools
  • With given you access to 100,000 of images and infographics template
  • By given you all the support and help you need for your design
  • With thousand of article and webinars that will inspire to get those creative juices going
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Who is for? is for educators, student, business owners and executives who want to convey lesson, thought or concept in a visual form for easy follow.


infographics online maker 12

Infogr:am is an infographics website that create engaging in graphics and reports in minute.

Their infographics are free to use.

They have beautiful chart, map, graphics and dashboard. What are the benefit of using infogram?

With infogr:am:

  • You can create stunning infographics that boost visitor engagement on your website or blog.
  • It help you to stand out with interactive marketing reports, sales, collateral and more
  • They have high quality graph and chart
  • Use your dashboard to connect your data to build live, easily shareable dashboards that visually track your business
  • Using their map maker, you can publish professional quality interactive maps that impress and inform
  • The social media huge bank of photos and icons can be use to create stunning images for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Infogr:am give you 35 chart and 500 maps, audience engagement, publishing made easy, data connectivity, 1 million images and icons.


infographics online maker 13

Piktochart is an easy to use Infographics maker.

They have a motto:

Taking your visual communication to the next level, without hiring a professional designer.

They have template, and you will have access to weekly update of over 600 professionally designed template.

They are assuring you, “you don’t have to do it all”, since their designers are working hard.

You can make your work to be unique by editing the text, font and colors.

Change as much or as little as you want.

There are thousand of icons from designers graphics.

Ready made text frame which can help you to save more time.

What about the benefit of using pikcochart?

Here are the benefit:

  • You can share your work on the web using their built in social media option.
  • If you feel like using shortcode, you can grab the HTML code and add it to your website, don’t worry about using email, they will provide you a link
  • Use their presentation mode to share your work and it will look like you are using a slideshow

As for download and printing of your work, you have to worry with what format to use, there are available format (JPF, PNG, PDF).

As for your blog gaining popularity, you don’t have to worry about that.

With piktochart, you can capture your audience with beautiful visual content.

While using piktochart, you can increase your brand awareness to your customer with easy to digest graphics.


infographics online maker 14

Visme is a simple infographic maker that will transform the way you communicate visually.

Visme give you 3 steps in which you can use to create your infographic content easily:

  • Use their professional template or create your own layout
  • Bring your data to life with visual stats, chart, table, map and icons
  • Customise everything, change text, color, background and more
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What are the benefit of using Visme?

  • Visme has hundred of beautiful professional infographic and report template.
  • You can translate data by choosing from their 20 beautiful chart.
  • It also allow you to import and input your own data or connect to live data.
  • Visme gives you the opportunity to create professional table and customise them.


infographics online maker 15

With venngage, you can create infographics that people love, tell stories, present your data with venngage infographics.

Venngage make infographics data an processes accessible and memorable.

Here are the 3 step you can use to create infographics using venngage:

  • Choose and create from one of their professional Infographics designed template.
  • Add chart, data, information, icons and images form their library and make you content visual.
  • Customise your infographics design or add your own style to make your infographics unique.

With venngage, you can have some benefit if you are using their infographic tools:

  • Don’t worry about being a designer in other to create an infographics, presentations, reports and social media visual, because with a few click, their customise template will help you to become a designer wizard.
  • You can become a data hero by turning complex data to easy understanding infographics
  • Venngage help you to increase your traffic and sales by giving you compelling visual and data driven result

There are other benefit while using venngage infographics.


The reason why this list is important is that, it help to write great content in a visual way.

What I mean is this:

You don’t need to write 1000+ or 2000+ words, just convert your complex text content to visual content.

These article is helpful in that:

It help you to build your blog audience and your content can be shareable.

You don’t need to worry about skimmers, because your readers will view and view your visual content all over again.

Am encouraging you, try to use Infographics online maker tools to create an infographic content, put it in you blog article or content or share it to your social media and see how your blog traffic, likes, shares and comments increase.

Try to create a simple infographic and see how the result will look like.


  1. Infographics, what is it all about?
  2. What are the benefit of using Infographics?
  3. List of infographics online maker tools, and which do you prefer?
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