link building for dummies.

What do you think is the best practices for dummies in terms of link building?

Imagine you have an establishment, you want the establishment to be well know.

To do that, you have to meet top establishment or cooperative.

Introduce your establishment and partner with them. Doing that will help your new establishment to be well known by other.

That is how link building looks like.

You have been hearing about this terms call link building, though you don’t have the full understanding of link building.

There is something about link building;

Apart from driving traffic to your blog, it gives you connectivity, search engine presence.

(image 1a – connectivity or search engine)

There are lot of benefit when you start to practice how to use link strategies in your blog to connect with other bloggers.

(Image 1 benefit of link building infograph or pics)

What if I tell you that link building or links strategies is not that hard or some thing to be scary.

It sound obvious, right?

Though you might have tried link building it and still find it difficult.

Wishing someone should have do it for you, while you are at the front of your laptop watching the links flowing in.

Achieving link building may not turn out to be as you thought.

Well, it had to do with following a simple step.

When it come to link building, what do the word stands for?

(Image 2 –> image of two building linking together)

The definition of link building from two source:

  1. Word Stream refer link building as the process of getting external page to link to a page on your website.
  2. Moz definition link building as the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other website to your own.

In the world of blogging, bloggers view link building as the most important skill needed for SEO.

From those two definition, acquiring hyperlinks or external page to your website, help in promoting your website.

(image 3 – diagram of page link)

Doing that has to do with securing hyperlinks to your page.

Before you begin applying link building to your website, ask yourself these question:

Ultimate Guide to Link Building: How to Build Backlinks, Authority and Credibility for Your Website, and Increase Click Traffic and Search Ranking (Ultimate Series)

Why Link Building?

(Image 4 –> image of link building preference)

Link building can increase the high quality link pointing to your website, increasing the livehood of your website ranking high in search engine.

(Image 5- image from wordstream)

Apart from that, link building improve your brand awareness.

Link building also prove as a tacticle way to improve your skill in SEO.

There are other reason why you have to practice link building.

Harsh Agrawal from shoutmeloud also give reasons and benefits of why practice link building:

    1. It help you to get index from search result


  1. Writing quality content can make people to admire your website as resource value, due to incoming high quality link
  2. It make your blog to be more visible to search result It help to receive traffic from website.

Apart from that, Harsh Agrawal also list out many ways to perform link building.

Search engine now value quality over quantity.

And getting quality links from relevant, authority site isn’t easy.

This is the reason why Backlinko provide an article called link building definitive guide.

Another reason of practicing link building is that:

Getting link from an authoritative website can be a huge win for the receiving website.

Do you know why?

This is the most important reason why you will get a wins from an authoritative site found from Imforza:

“It build authority and respect by being mentioned in a well known respected publication.”

Before deciding to practice link building as a dummies, you should first consider type of link building

Type Of Link Building

There are type of link building to considered which am going to discuss right now

Editorial Links

(Video 1 – editorial link tutorial)

Editorial link are the type of link that can not be acquired either by money payment.

(image 6 – no payment or no money)

This kind of link can be acquired by trading, asking or exchange.

Editoral link are the most powerful type of link.

Do you know why?

Here is what Venchito Tampon said:

“The reason why editorial link are powerful is that, it send signal to Google showing that the site you link to is a trusted resource and reference site”.

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Editorial link are prefer and value highly by so many marketers and authors as they tend to carry a lot of legitimacy and authority with them.

Do you know why?

It’s because a website with good content tend to attract other website to them.

(Image 7 – traffic flowing to a webpage infograph or image )

That make the editorial link to that webpage more authoritative.

Since editorial link is not a paid link, you can acquire it naturally.

ImFORZA from his article how to get editorial links from an authoritative website discuss much more on how to earn exitorial link from valuable website.

Venchito Tampon from Digital Philippines list out the three primary element that can be use to intensify your chances of getting in content link to your website.

He also give another ways of getting editorial link to your site.

Another type of link building am going to discuss now is

Acquired Link

(Image 7 acquired link)

This type of link is usually acquire by website owners through payment or distribution.

This link are organically obtained link.

Such link include:

  • Comment on forums and blogs
  • Paid linking
  • Link advertisement
  • Directory link
  • Article distribution

Another type of link building we should be discussing now is reciprocal link.

Reciprocal Link

Reciprocal link are mutual link between two website with the aim to ensure mutual traffic.

You can also find more simplify explanation from What2learn:

“A reciprocal link is a link where by a website owner add link from another website with the promise of that website linking back”.

In other words, what that mean is that:

(Image 8 – of two link of different color linking together)

If a visitor visit website A, that visitor will also visit website B.

The reason why it is so is because, both website are linking together through reciprocal link.

The article what is reciprocal link url? was found from what2learn, also discuss much more on reciprocal link.

There are benefit when it come to practicing reciprocal link.

The more incoming links a website has, the chance it has in appearing higher in Google search.

(image 9 – climbing higer)

Before you engage on reciprocal link, there are question you need to ask yourself:

  • Is it a link scheme?
  • Is it natural?
  • Is reciprocal link logistically possible?
  • Are you otherwise offering value?
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You can find answer to that question:

How to avoid Google link scheme while engaging on reciprocal link from the article, The Inevitability of Reciprocal Linking written by David Farkas.

Another type of link building we should be discussing now is:

Resource Link

In terms of resource link, it’s refers to information or resources link.

(image 10- library)

Let me explain:

A webpage that has all the list or information and resources is call a resource page.

If that page has a relevant topic and you link it to your article, that process of linking is call resource link.

(Image 11 of resource link)

One thing about resource link is that:

You can find all relevant topic to your article.

Resource link are helpful because:

The more link pointing to your site, the more people will be inclined to look and trust your site.

(Image 12 Infographic of resource link)

Christopher Grimmer and Hathaway Patrick also explain much more on step by step guide to resource link building.

Apart from the type of link building listed above, there is other type of link building:

5 type of link building by Kristi Hines.

This type of link building is much more on traffic generator link.

It discuss much more on how to generate link through plugin, add-on, software and much more.

Looking at Neil Patel article, 9 link building resources that will increase your search ranking;

Google tends to rank page higher in search results based on the authority of that page.

That article written by Neil Patel will show you how to use modern seo to build up the pages through link and improve on your seo value.


In tems of link building, there are reason why people do link building.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which one works best.

From the article you’ve read, you’ve come to understand that:

There are many best practice you can use for link building.

How Will You Answer

In terms of link building, what are the best practices for dummies?

LINK BUILDING: Best Practice For Dummies

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