PT FalconI, Paul David started Product Tower 2016.

The reason for started Product Tower was because of the problem that is facing content marketing industry.

Another problem is how to persuade or get you audience read or do what you want from them.

Rise Of The Problem

One of the problem in content marketing is content writing.

Content writing is one of the most important part in content marketing industry.

The problem with content writing, is the content writing style.

Most content writers or marketers are having difficulty on how to improve on their content writing style.

With this;

Am move to help you improve on your content writing style.

So this is how I come up with Product Tower.

Though my intention of starting Product Tower, was mostly for product reviews.

But when I decided to read other blog, I found out that most of this blog are missing out one thing.

Which is;

Content writing style.

I on the other side, i also have the same issue on how to improve my content writing style.

So I decided to see how to make an improvement.

This Was How I Rise To The Challenge

I decided to look for solutions.

I found an eBook I reviewed in my blog Advance Guide To Content Marketing.

That was very helpful.

But most of all, other articles I found from:

  • Neil Patel’s blog
  • Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger
  • Matthew Woodward
  • Neil Patel of Quick Sprout

I have to study why their content is so persuasive and interesting to read.

It is their writing style.

Learning how to improve your content writing style is very important.

With that, I come up with an article called;

See What Expert Are Saying About Catchy Headlines For Blogs.

That was a big challenge I face when I wrote that article.

It was an article of 2700 words with details and expert ideas.

Another one is;

3 Ways Content Persuade Audience and 3 Ways To Create Great Content Without Writing Anyone

That article was curated from an article from copyblogger.

I found an article from Neil Patel’s blog on how to create details and data driven content.

So I decided to experiment on the article from copyblogger that is not well detail and I decided to come up with 3 ways content persuade audience.

That article still rank first page from Google search..

As time goes on, I come up to this guide;

Have You Seen The Secret Scroll For Writing A Blog Post?

The guide show you what to do in other to write an article the way you want to be.

How I Arrived To The Solutions

With all that;

I used everything I have or learn and I succeeded.

I wrote another detail article;

How To Start A Blog For Free Without Hiring An Expert.

Not only that;

Here another detail article;

How To Write A Blog Post [Beginners Guide]

With all this, I started to see messages like:

  • Great content?
  • How did you do it?
  • How are you able to open up with your content?
  • You content is like conversation, how do you do that?

With all this, I know that am succeeding.

Am working hard to learn more on how to improve my content writing style.

What Is My Mission

My mission right now is to help you improve on your content writing style.

This is what I usually ask my audience;

How was your SEO Content Writing style, is it shockingly bad? I can help you improve on your content writing style. Bute question is, are you willing?”



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