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The seo booster are plugins, blog owners or website owner are eager to use in our blog or website.

In terms of search engine optimization traffic, you know what it means to have a search engine optimization booster plugin in your blog.

Have you consider using WP Social SEO Booster in your blog?

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The problem bloggers, copywriters, content writers and content marketers, is how to optimised their content with search engine optimization and social media optimizer?

The problem with blogs and website owners do have is:

How to enhance and magnify the social media signals and SEO transmitted from blogs to social network like, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, along with configuring Google Authorship and publishing status.

WP Social SEO Booster solve all those problem.

The plugin enable the full use of Google Structural Data (Rich Snippets) on your blog, image optimization via the Kraken APL, HTML5 Biollerplate optimization of your htaccess file and more.

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WP Social SEO Booster, handle meta tagging, Rich Snippets, Authorship/Publisher attribute which allow Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other search engine and Social Networks identify and deliver content from your site in search and through social sharing more effectively than you will be able to do.

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Google now attribute more ranking factors to, Rich Snippets, Microdata through in-depth article attributes, Authorship, Author Rank, Review Videos and much more.

WP Social SEO Booster take care of all this, and it goes above and beyond what other seo plugins can do.

This plugin are of two type:

  1. The WP Social SEO Booster Lite (Free) Version
  2. The WP Social SEO Pro (Paid) Version

Founder Of This Plugin

Micheal Johnson is the founder of WP Social SEO Booster or WP Social SEO Pro plugin from WPSocial

He was a Retired US Army Special Force Sergeant Major.

CEO of WP Social/ Kaxy, LLC. Strong leadership and organizational skills from over 21 years of experience.

You can view his social profile at and facebook page

The is more than just a name.
The plugin WP Social SEO Booster was created and release on June 2012, at that period it was a cutting edge and powerful SEO plugin.

For quite sometime, it was recognised that the WP Social SEO Booster Pro is more than SEO Booster.

What that mean is that:

The plugin is highly sophisticated and functional seo and social media optimization plugin for WordPress.

This plugin is consider to be essential for every WordPress users.

With that in mind, this plugin was rename from WP Social SEO Booster Pro to WP Social SEO Pro.

How To Install WP Social SEO Booster

Installing this plugin can come in two ways:

  1. Install from Control Panel (CPanel)
  2. Install from WP Admin Dashboard

Install From Control Panel (CPanel)

If you want to use the CPanel method, you should download the plugin to your storage folder depending on the device you are using.

After that, follow the instruction below:

  1. Upload WP Social SEO Booster to your CPanel folder directory, like this http://…/wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the WP Social SEO Booster plugin through your WordPress plugin menu in your dashboard
  3. Configure the plugin using the setting menu in your WordPress dashboard

Install From WP-Admin Dashboard

You don’t need to download WP Social SEO Booster plugin to your storage device.

Follow this instruction if you are using your WordPress dashboard.

In your WordPress dashboard, click “Plugin -> Install

seo booster 4

Click the Add New button

seo booster 5

Type WP Social SEO Booster in the search bar.

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Click Install and Active the plugin

There is another alternative after step 2, you can upload the plugin from your storage device.​

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What I Like About The Plugin

When using the plugin, all meta tags from existing content are added properly, you don’t need to do that manually.

The plugin has Google Rich Snippets and Google Authorship.

In aspect of increase in SEO rank, the plugin take your blog poor performance to a highly rank blog fast.

It include social share, it work it all post and page and it work with wordless SEO like Yoast and All In One SEO.

What I Don’t Like About The Plugin

In other to unlock all the features in this plugin, you need to share the plugin with affiliate link to social media and earn point.

The point is what you will use to unlock this plugin.

In WordPress plugin directory, this plugin has not been updated over 2 years unless you will download it from WPSociial or you download WP Social SEO Pro the new version



From the article you’ve just read, you will see that WP Social SEO Booster help a lot.

I solve must of the problem by handling meta data, rich snippets, Google authorship, search engine and social network.

You don’t need to bother or worry about optimising your content with search engine or social media, WP Social SEO Booster solve all that.

If you think you want to boost your seo, or looking for a plugin to support with WordPress seo or All In One SEO, I recommend using WP Social SEO Booster or WP Social SEO Pro.


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